Last Outpost

Skipped the next two because I remember the Naked Now as being totally naff, and the next one didn’t look much better. But the next one  has the Ferengi. I’d forgotten this episode was the first time the UFP had met them, and only 20 something years later they’re joining the Khitomer accords.

Geordi is acting really weird in this one – he seems high. Is that the point?

“I’d never heard the word T’Kon before” .. hah we’ll see them again. Oh no, getting them mixed up with Iconians – not the first to do that apparently.

Cool character design on the Ferengi, though the latex is peeling off. And excellent spaceship design for the Ferengi. This yankee trader thing is tiresome though.

Glad the Ferengi calmed down a bit – they seem a bit feral here, but glad they kept the hoo-man pronunciation.  .. is that Armin Shimerman – also had forgotten he was in at the start with Ferengi. But the slapstick fighting is funny.

Random gender based bickering between Picard and Crusher  – it’s stuff like that that really dates it, though i think it seemed a bit cheesy even then.

Oh more big glowy heads. Warf having a bad hair day. And I think I’ve seen the Portal on Terrahawks.

A bit of quoting of sun tzu saves the day. Will have to dig that out and give it a read again just in case.

Touching bit between Crusher and Picard, followed by some dodgy “coming round” acting.

Lots of wild gesticulation from the Ferengi – all a bit distracting.

Aggh the chinese finger traps, data’s inappropriate finger traps. Why?

Hhmm that was painful. I’m sure it picks up.


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