Steampunk novella pt one.

Attending a few steampunk events, I’m always blown away by how amazing all of the costumes are. I’m running around like I’m on something going “oh my god, look at the wooden controls on that wheelchair” or “she’s wearing a jet pack, made out of a kettle” or some such. And feel sort of left out because I’m rubbish at that sort of thing. So … I started to work on a short novel (I’m estimating about 60k words altogether). Which might become a trilogy. I pretty much started with trying to figure out what historically had to happen for a steampunk world to exist, then had to come up with a story to justify that.

The idea is I will self-publish it once it’s finished and give it away at steampunk dos in a shallow attempt to make everyone believe that I’m creative too.

Here’s the first part. Some bits aren’t made up. The story about village girls being taken away and exploited in the city, and a vicar tracking them down is from an episode of Who Do You Think You Are (I forget which celebrity). The stuff about the Rose Cottage and child trafficking is from this webpage I was looking for just a little bit of historical colour and ended up with a lot darker shade than I was anticipating.

I’d like feedback on what people think. Is it any good, or more specifically, does anyone care about part two? Anyway, the link to the pdf is below. It’s called The Machine Queen.

1 The Machine Queen 01 16 02 01

Oh and Caldmore is pronounced Calmer, or Karma.



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