The Machine Queen

The novel is finished. It’s come in at around 100,000 words. The format has added to the complexity of writing it a bit. I’m publishing it through and their formats are A4, A5 or A6 and multiples of 4 pages (of course) to a maximum of 48. That’s meant bringing in each section to a very precise length.

What’s resulted is a reformatting of what’s been published here so far, and continuing with A6 48-page pdfs, ending up with eight in total. The first two are also available as hard copies, which I’ll try and find a way to distribute.

I’m in the process of editing them now, just for style and consistency across the eight sections. The first four parts are completed and you can access them below. The second half should be done soon.

I’d planned to make the images link to the pdfs, but that’s not possible in WordPress as the images aren’t embedded, they’re linked to the files, so clicking on them just takes you to the image. I’ve added the links to the pdfs directly under the cover images.

thumbnail 1 thumbnail 2
1 The Machine Queen 01 2017 03

1 The Machine Queen 02 2017 03

thumbnail 3 thumbnail 4
1 The Machine Queen 03 2017 04 1 The Machine Queen 04 2017 04

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